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StudyArabicInEgypt.com is a site by students for students, so if you’re coming to Egypt to study Arabic then this is YOUR site.

We provide all our services free of charge for your benefit; helping you begin your journey learning Arabic in Egypt with everything from planning your trip, finding accommodation and teachers, showing you the latest available language software and much more.

Our advice pages and Q&A section will help you get the most out of your trip and help you save money so that this beautiful language is accessible to even those of you sticking to a tight budget.

Our Story

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

As-salâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu,

Hello, my name is Razwaan, I am a British Economist and member of the charity organisation UBTrust. Recently I spared some time and travelled to Egypt to study Arabic. I was under the impression that learning Arabic in an Arab country would be quite simple and straightforward – then I arrived in Egypt, and released it was going to be a lot harder than I initially thought. I had many problems during my first few months and struggled with finding the right Arabic center to suit me, whether to have group classes or study one-to-one, finding a decent apartment and very importantly, was I getting a good deal or being ripped-off? Aside from these, I faced a number of different obstacles from how to renewing my visa to getting internet in my apartment to how to best change my foreign currency.

The main problem? A distinct lack of information!

It seemed a lot of students were suffering from this ‘where can I find the right information?’ problem. There had to be a more effective and innovative way of filling this ‘information gap’.

The Solution?      www.StudyArabicInEgypt.com.

The idea was born – and then delayed due to the Egyptian Revolution! Through a lot of research combined with personal experiences and with the help of a dynamic web developer we managed to create this new interactive website where-by you can find all the information and help you’ll need to make your quest for knowledge in Egypt as beneficial as possible while at the same time being kind to your pocket.

This service is totally free and all I ask is for you to remember my family and I in your prayers and I will remember you in mine. I wish you all the best in your studies and ask Allah to help you and increase you in knowledge. Ameen

Your Friend and Brother

Razwaan ibnShahid Ahmed

UBTrust Director and Founder of StudyArabicInEgypt.com

Our Motives

  • Fore mostly we are students wanting to help you, our fellow students, achieve your goals by providing all the information you’ll need to effectively master the Arabic language.
  • We are driven by our vision of Arabic not only spreading throughout the world but encouraging the scholarship of the language of the Quran. We want you, students of Arabic, to become the future teachers of this beautiful language.
  • We provide everything free for all so that no-one is left out which fits in with our ethos of equal opportunities for all those who want to learn.

Our Aims

Our aims include

  • Creating a culture among Muslims and Non-Arabs of not only reading the Holy Quran but to understand its ultimate beauty and meaning, essentially getting back to our roots.
  • To help shape a better Ummah who can effectively deal with current issues by searching through Islamic texts in their original language and not through often inaccurate translations.
  • Making this language available to our non-Muslim brothers who are inquisitive about Arabic and Arab culture. We encourage interfaith cooperation and dialogue and this can be best realised by learning about one another’s’ cultures, religions and languages.

Our Services

We offer a whole range of different and unique services not found anywhere else on the web. They include

Advice Pages

We have advice pages helping you with everything from arriving in Egypt to how to study at the highest level in Al-Azhar University and everything in between.

Arabic Center Reviews

We have a comprehensive list of over 30 centers and institutes which teach Arabic as well as Tajweed (correct recitation of the Quran), Arabic calligraphy and cultural programmes. We allow previous and current students to rate their centers and review them, giving you all the information you need to pick the institute which best fits you!

Articles & Blogs

We have articles and blogs from Scholars and students just like you. Topics range from why to study Arabic to how to study Arabic to independent experiences previous students have had.

Online Courses and Resources

We’ll have you find the an array of online courses for distance-learning as well as helping you augment you learning experience with the latest in language learning technology whether that’s using the latest computer dictionary to specific language software.

Questions and Answers

We give you the chance to ask questions which could be specific to you or not already covered by our advice pages, and have them answered by previous students who can give you advice and assistance.

Accommodation Service

We have an accommodation service which helps us connect those looking for flat mates or tenants with those students looking for flat-share or just somewhere they can live for short-periods of time rather than going through the usual flat hunting means which can be time consuming and sometimes more expensive.

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