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Each different institute/private teacher has its own curriculum and will use some of the following textbooks or a combination of them. Some institutes e.g. Al-Diwan, have written their own books and use them in their courses as well as taking from other more well-established textbooks. All these books are good and all have their strong points and their weak points and so it depends on how your institute/teacher decide to teach you and which set of books they are familiar with.

Here are a few of the main textbooks used, and below is a website you can download the books and have a look through them.

If you want to have a quick look at what’s inside these books then this link ( has many of these books to download and also videos of recorded lectures which are very beneficial. Please support the authors by buying the books you study rather than printing/photocopying them.

Here’s a list of books about Arab Culture, History, Language and Travel, chosen by me for their outstanding features.
Arabic Language


Your First 100 Words in Arabic 

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Arabic Script

The Arabic Alphabet : How to Read & Write It

Arabic Verbs and Essentials of Grammar

Arabic at a Glance : Phrase Book 

Alif Baa : Introduction to Arabic

My First Arabic Alphabet Book

Standard Arabic

Teach Yourself Gulf Arabic

Arabic (Teach Yourself)

Arabic for Beginners 

Hugo Language Course: Arabic In Three Month

Ahlan wa Sahlan: An Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic

Lonely Planet Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook

Arabic Script: Styles, Variants, and Calligraphic Adaptations

Fun with Arabic – CD

The Oxford Picture Dictionary: English/Arabic


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