Food prices usually vary, depending as to what city in Egypt you would live in and also what part. So I guess with the limited information I have, I can only inform you on the prices of food & drink in Cairo and more specifically Medinat Nasr (Nasr City).

Drinks – a small bottle of water = roughly 1.5 LE
A large bottle of water = 2.5 LE
Fizzy drinks- 2-5 LE
Fresh fruit juice made right on the spot 1LE-4LE
If you plan to stay in Egypt for a long time then the best thing to do is buy a water filter that you attach straight onto your tap and so you’ll save a lot!

Food – I won’t write a whole list of food and fruits and their prices this would take too much time but to give a quick summary food prices i.e. eating from outside would range from 3LE to 30 LE (30p to £3) depending where you eat; so to give a quick example 3 LE/ 30p being the traditional Egyptian Kushri dish which has a mix of rice pasta and all sorts and many other cheap dishes and 30LE/ £3 being chicken with bread and rice which would at least take 2 if not 3 people to finish not forgetting other big meals which are usually for more than one person, so daily you would look around spending 12 LE/$2/£1.20. If you prefer Western restaurants such as KFC and Pizza hut you should expect to pay at least 25-40LE for a meal for one person.
Bread from the bakery is 4 pieces for 1LE (because it’s subsidised)

Groceries– Anything that’s available in Cairo can be delivered to your front door. Even the veterinarian will make house calls!
The most famous supermarkets which have delivery services around Egypt are Metro Market , Karfour , El Mahmal , Sauodi , Abou Zekry etc. One can purchase fresh baladi (locally grown) and imported flowers, fruit, herbs, vegetables, chickens, lamb, veal, beef, and a cornucopia of Middle Eastern and Western breads, cheeses, eggs, juice, flour, spices, cereals, and other basic food and cleaning staples.

Each day, more Western products like pet food, kitty litter, snacks, cleaning products, pre-packaged foods, etc. become available in Western style grocery stores, but the price is higher than it would be at home.

Otlob – Ordering food has never been easier! is a service ideal for those lazy days where you don’t want to spend the evening experimenting with Egyptian ingredients! Otlob allows you to register your address and phone number and then order food online with all its menus in English – no need for Arabic. Once you order online, Otlob arranges everything and all you do is wait for your order. The delivery usually takes 30-45 minutes, and you pay the delivery person the total sum.

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