Qortoba Institute

Qortoba Institute

QIAS has been established since 2001 with the aim of teaching Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) to students world-wide through both our on-site and distance learning programs. Qortoba has just recently opened a new branch in El-Maadi, Cairo.

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Qortoba Institute, 6.3 out of 10 based on 32 ratings

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  1. cherrybrit

    Subhanallah! This is one of the worst places you can learn at. I dealt directly with Tarek An Nawwam aka Abu Anas, the manager, he will be so nice to you until you pay up, then its a different story. By Allah he stole US$500 of mine. These people have no shame in taking your money and keeping it. The lack of akhlaaq, the lack of concern for students of ilm, the lack of concern for right and wrong and the lack of respect in this place is shameful. No matter what you do, do not study here. There are better places to go to in Cairo. If you want to waste your time and money, then go here. This is not a place to study Islam.

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