Al-Diwan Center

Al-Diwan Center

Started in 1997 by a group of professional Arabic instructors with a strong experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers. Situated in the heart of Nasr City, Cairo and hosting students from universities such as Harvard University and University of Oxford, UK

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Al-Diwan Center, 6.5 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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    I studied at this centre for roughly 3 months, the centre provides group study over peak periods such as the summer holidays or you can always have a one to one teacher. The classrooms are air conditioned and the centre has a wireless internet connection that you can connect to (just kindly ask the reception staff to give yuo the network key).
    Overall, this centre is very good, although a little bit pricey (around 40 EGP per hour for one to one). Obvious benefits of studying in the centre is that you meet a few students in the same situation as you and also you get the whole studying abroad experience in an institute. You can always practice your arabic with other students and teachers during break times although if your level is not good then its easy to quickly revert back to English. The teachers are quite good, and most of them do not speak very good English although their English vocab is quite good so explaining things is not a problem, which is a plus in my opinion. The centres motto is teaching Arabic through Arabic, which is great because you get exposed to the language more.

    It is quite a good social experience as well and you can choose which books you want to study if you speak to your teacher (although they have set programmes if your unsure on which books to study).

    They do tajweed classes as well. The centre is not totally segregated, but they have many classrooms and try and segregate as best as possible if you want a segregated environment.

    The centre can help in finding you accomodation but do not gaurantee it.

    The centre is also in a good part of madinat nasr and is walking distance from the famous Masjid Bilal (where a lot of students of knowledge come to from all over the world)

  2. Akhlaaq

    Salam u alaikum
    I had the opportunity to study at al Diwan for a good length of time. The centre is warm and freindly and very accomdating to all backgrounds. The staff and teachers are very skilled and knowledgable in thier respective fields.
    They also have little events every now and again for all the students to meet each other and converse.

    The texts are good although i would recomend you go there with a clear idea of what you want to study and achieve and go through the choices with the teacher. The set syllabus is designed to cover all students from wide range of knowledge bases, so its best to have a clear idea of what you wish to study.

    I enjoyed my time there and i would encourage all brothers and sisters to join this centre.

  3. fasl

    Al-Diwan seem to be amongst the most expensive places to learn Arabic in Cairo and they seem to have an inflated opinion of themselves. Unfortunately, in my experience with them, this opinion is quite unjustified.
    By their own admission, the teacher they allocated to me was a complete disaster! (I could give a lot more details but will keep it short to save embarrassment and avoid you getting bored with a long account)
    I imagine this can happen with any institute (you may find a dodgy teacher) but what matters is how the management then deals with this and this is what so depressed me about Al Diwan. This matter could have been dealt with so easily with some personal contact on telephone or Skype which I repeatedly requested but was ignored.
    Al Diwan take very negatively to any criticism, even though it is clearly constructive in nature and they themselves have asked for it! So it seems that if there is a problem, you have to just keep quiet or take you money back and go! (and be left in the lurch!)
    I booked with them because had heard good things, so am sure they must have lots of good teachers etc but i can only really comment on my own experience. I guess I should just be grateful that they agreed to return my all money – so they deserve some credit for that. Subsequently went on to study at an excellent place in Cairo where I was very happy, Alhamdolilah (Checkout Zay Arabic Academy).

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