Arab Academy

Arab Academy

Arab Academy situated in Cairo and launched the first Arabic Online Website. It starting a teacher training program in 2006 and went on to establish Deraya University in Egypt in 2010. The center still has a large focus on online teaching however it’s teaching center is well established and recommended by many universities.

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Arab Academy, 6.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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  1. Ibn Qalam

    I studied for one year at the Academy. Overall, it was a good and enjoyable experience. Being taught in Arabic improved my language rapidly as I was forced to think and speak in it.
    The Academy is very well run and the staff there are professional, organized and generally punctual. This is something taken for granted by students from the UK/West but in some centers in Egypt this level of professionalism can be lacking. They value student feedback, almost obsessively, so the needs of the student are well looked after in terms of programme of study, teaching methods, homework, teacher satisfaction etc. The Academy is also well kitted out with plasma screens and computers with internet in each classroom. As a result, learning can be a modern, audio-visual, state of the art experience. At one point, I was watching and analysing the language of Husni Mubarak’s final speech before he was kicked out!
    The Academy is located in one of the most affluent areas of Cairo, Garden City, where the UK/US embassies are also based. Due to this, the prices of the center reflect this and many of the students come from embassies, Western universities as part of a degree course (like myself), as well as some private students. Although you can choose and tailor your programme of study, the center focuses more on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) of the news, newspapers, modern literature etc, so if you want to learn Arabic to understand the Quran or to prepare you for Islamic Studies then I’d say there are better places for that. Finally, the Academy has become quite popular for it’s computerised Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) which tests reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and gives an overall grade of the level of Arabic a student is at. Apparently the Academy is the only center that has such a test.

    • borhanhadi

      Salaam and Hi.

      I’m interest on your comment on the Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) as I’m registering for one. I have some questions on the test. If you would not mind, can we get in touch via email? Mine is

  2. Abu Abdullah

    I am currently studying at the Arab Academy and have had an excellent experience. I am studying Arabic as part of my degree at a British University and i have found that the teaching at the Academy is far superior than that at my university, all of my classmates agree with this. My Arabic is developed so much since i have been studying here.


    1) Teaching is excellent – The level and intensity means that you will progress so much in such a short space of time. The Teachers always have time for you and are willing to help you even outside of class hours.
    2) Organisation – The Academy is very professional and organised (something which is not common in Egypt)
    3) Flexibility and Feedback – The institution as a whole is always looking for ways to improve. You have the opportunity to give feedback on a weekly basis. Individual teachers are always happy for suggestions of how to imporve and the doors of the Management are always open if you have any problems (again something which is very impressive). If you are not happy with something within your studies you can change it with ease.
    4) Website – The online facilities are amazing and are very helpful when it comes to revision.
    5) Atmosphere – As i said previously the teachers are excellent and genuinely want to see you do the best you can. There is a really freindly atmosphere, which makes it a fun place to learn at.


    There are not many negative so i may be a little over critical in some of the following, but its just to give a complete picture of the Academy.
    1) Books/ Materials – Some of the topics in the books are very boring and simplistic – I overcame this problem by studying other materials alongside the books (another example of how they try to tailor your studies to what you want)
    2) Age of teachers – All the teachers are excellent but i felt that some of them were relatively young and inexperienced. There are also benefits to them being young, however i feel as though this is a policy purused by the management as a means to save money as young teachers will work for a very low salary in order to gain experience.
    3) Secular institute – This was something which i expected as the institute is linked with my university so it is bound to be secular. Again they have been a little flexible in allowing me to study materials with an islamic angle on them (but this was more down to a teachers insistence, for me to study materials that appealed to me, rather than the management) – This would be the only reason i wouldnt recommened the Academy to anyone who wants to study Arabic for Islamic reasons. There are other insitutions in Cairo that would better serve your needs. However if you intention to study Arabic is not for religious reasons then i would definately recommened the Academy.

    Overall i would give the Academy 10/10 – Amazing place to study!!

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