Arabic Studies Academy

Arabic Studies Academy

Arabic Studies Academy (ASA) is a private institution founded in Jan, 2008 in Zamalek, Cairo and has provided students from 15 different countries the Arabic language knowledge they needed to server their goals. Clients include individuals, Embassies and Universities.

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Arabic Studies Academy, 7.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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  1. Nandhini

    Arabic Studies Academy(ASA) is very dedicated when it comes to teaching Arabic to beginners and intermediate level learners. I found them flexible to the specific requirements of each student, but nonetheless, covered all the aspects of arabic studies. Good work!!

  2. kentaro

    I`ve taken many Arabic language lessons in various places in Cairo, but ASA is the best institute ever!! The teachers here, they KNOW Arabic!!

  3. geonima

    Sometime ago I visited Cairo. I had the opportunity to visit Arabic Studies Academy and meet some members of it staff. As a specialist of Arabic language I had questions concerning the problematic issues of Arabic (Classical Arabic, Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic). I want to note that the Arabic Studies Academy has indeed a “good team” of professionals in Arabic language.

    To my regret, the duration of my stay in Cairo was short… Dr. Amira Refaat, Mohamed Solyman and Reebal Abdallah did their best to make me feel their attention over the days I was there. They are very good people and really good specialists in Arabic. I would like to use this occasion and thank them for their academic help and wish them success in their academic activity.

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