Kalimah Center

Kalimah Center

Kalimah Center was established in Cairo 2011 with the objective of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, the language of more than 250 million people world wide ranging from West-Africa to the Middle East and over 2 billion Muslims worldwide.

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Kalimah Center, 8.6 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

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  1. abuhamza

    Having studied in both Fajr center and Kalimah center, I would have to say say, although I found both center’s pleasing, the program at Kalimah center is beautiful masha Allaah. The teachers have really worked hard into making the perfect program for student and they still are. They also have excellent teachers available all the time. Also, they have programs available for Quran, where they have specific teachers and Islamic studies i.e. Fiqh, Hadith etc. where they have scholars available also. They also have books written by the teachers like an explanation of Ajrumiyyah for beginners. Overall, the program is one of the strongest if not the strongest I’ve seen in Cairo and their prices are very cheap compared to nearly all other centers.

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