Nile Center

Nile Center

Established in Nasr City for a number of year, Nile Center has teaches Arabic to students from all over the world in individual and group classes.

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Nile Center, 6.1 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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  1. TheMoozlumHulk

    I studied in the Nile Centre for 3 months from October to December ’10. Upon taking admission into the centre, a small test must be completed to better understand the persons Arabic proficiency. Once completed, you are put into your respective level.
    The book covered is the well known, el-Kitab el- Esasi, prepared by the Arabic Organization. A great book to start off with for the very beginners. The center is currently working on a special book for beginners. Apart from the obvious arabic language course available, the centre offers other courses depending on the demand for it. They are usually flexible and are able to find teachers in various disciplines – sarf, balagha, calligraphy etc.
    Most students here are from East Asia and Turkey – and not many western students enrol at this centre. This has its advantages – the obvious being that the only way to strike up a conversation with fellow students would have to be in Arabic.
    The teachers can only converse in Arabic, and may resort to hand gestures and drawings to help students understand words. My teacher interacted with all students and encouraged students to talk with one another. However, his punctuality was a concern – maybe because of our early class. In addition, classes were only 2 hours per day, and i felt this was inadequate. Having asked for more hours, the administration strongly discouraged it.
    During my time there, they had an issue with accomodating students to classes. To begin with, we had around 7/8 students per class, but this number fluctuated immensely as new students came in.
    The centre, located in the 7th District of Madinat Nasr, is nice and clean and the classrooms are equipped with AC. All rooms (including toilets) are well maintained. There is a canteen on the ground floor selling general snacks and serve breakfast too, a great place to socialise and practice your Arabic!
    The cost here is very cheap compared to the other centres. If registed as a future student of El-Azhar, you will be given a discount. Normal costs = approx. 500 Juneh. Discount with Azhar = approx. 200 Juneh.

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