Sibawayh Center

Sibawayh Center

Situated in Nasr City and Founded by a group of teachers that have experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers that reaches 7 years. Sibawayh also prepares students wishing to study in Al-Azhar University and the studying of the Al-Azhar Curriculum in preparation for entrance exams for high school.

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Sibawayh Center, 6.9 out of 10 based on 22 ratings

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  1. sok

    I studied tajweed at sibawayh and I really liked the atmosphere there because all the students can relax in the main reception and chat in Arabic. I did have a few problems with regards to teacher’s timings- being late etc. But all in all I really liked the staff and the center.

  2. Yasser

    i studied arabic in sibawayh. The teachers speak only arabic, which is very good, because it made me use the new words i learnt everyday. they teach the kitab al assissi book. the place is very nice, good atmosphere, students from around the world. overall i enjoyed my time at sibawayh

  3. Aamer

    Sibawayh is where I started my Arabic studies when I went to Egypt. I was only there for a month but I covered a lot in that time, studying from Kitab-al-Assasi. As with all other institutes in Egypt everything is taught in Arabic – seemed a daunting prospect at first but I was surprised at how much I understood in first lesson. After all, the teachers know you don’t the language and are very animated and use a lot of pictures and drawings to explain things at the beginning. Most the teachers there can’t speak English fluently, but understand enough to translate words for you.

    The centre:
    A small but very nice centre located in a nice part of Nasr City. There is a good atmosphere and the opportunity to speak to people during your breaks in main reception. There are also drinks and snacks available at a low price.

    Generally you study around 5 hours a day and you have two teachers in that time. In some ways this is good as you get used to different accents and teaching styles, but then you often get double homework! Overall I found the teachers friendly and helpful, although I did find one of my teachers to a bit patronising but it depends on who you get.

    The course prices:
    Very good in comparison to other institutes. It works out cheaper if there are a group of you, otherwise all teaching is one-to-one (definitely recommended – you can go at your own pace and not feel shy to ask any questions!).

  4. Akhlaaq

    Alhumdulillah i had the opportunity of studying tajweed and arabic at the centre. The teachers are extremely knowledgable and i would highly recommend sitting with ustaaz Sayed who is the Mudeer (Manager) of the centre. Wonderful teacher and he very much understand western students mindsets.

    Lively atmosphere. Really nice place to study.
    Considerable cheaper than other centres as well



    I studied at Sibawayh for about two months, and only have good memories of it. It is a small centre in Nasr city, but benefits from being very intimate and having a wonderful, friendly atmosphere. The teachers are very knowledgable and offer a variety of subjects. I personally studied tajweed and hifz, which was taught to a high standard.
    If I was to look for criticism, it perhaps occassionally lacked organisation and promptness with regard to lesson times, but I guess that by Egyption standards, it is amongst the best!
    All in all, a very nice, personal, good quality institute I would highly recommend.

  6. Student

    As-Salaamu ‘alaykum,

    Sibawayh is a truly blessed place with a group of amazing teachers.

    The center has an amazing atmosphere, very Islamic and the teachers have a lot of experience and are ready to deal with any student on any level.

    It would be fair to say that Sibawayh will take care of your educational needs as well as spiritual, as the teachers and students will provide you with uplifting company during your stay in Cairo.

  7. khan

    I studied at Sibawayh 7 months and I am very happy with the center. Especially with the teachers, who are kind-hearted, flexible and I have more than once been impressed by their vast knowledge.

    For people wanting to study Islamic sciences, which I partly did, it can be worth noting my impression that they have a liberal angle, which is ok but unfortunately they can be a bit pushy regarding this.

  8. Keyy

    I just loved Sibawayh center. I’ve been studying there twice, once at the end of 2010 for two months, and then again in 2012 for six months. I came back because I had loved the place. First time I chose Markaz Sibawayh because of his lower prices compared to other schools. While on my second time I chose it because I had found good quality of teaching, very kind and generous teachers, good managing, suitable facilities and most of all a “home like” environment.
    Sibawayh center is a small language center, but with guaranteed high level of teaching, monitored through evaluation forms and feedback from students.
    I’ve been studying with quite a few teachers, and appreciated all of them for some of their skills. Some were very experienced and perfectly understood what I needed, thus speeding up my learning at incredible rates. Others weren’t as experienced, but had very strong grammar skills, literary knowledge and intercultural understanding, so even if maybe I had to find out by myself my weak and strong points and suggest the best class work for me, I still got something extra from this specialized knowledge in fields in which I was weak and interested. However, if you feel your teacher doesn’t suit you, you can always talk to the secretary, who puts a great effort and does a great job in trying to make everyone happy and satisfied.
    Talking about technical features, I considered the facility to be big enough, equipped with a more than suitable number of fans, which however have happily been replaced with A/C during last August. There is a bathroom for ladies, one for men, and one mixed. Also there is a kitchen downstairs, mainly used by male teachers, and one upstairs, mainly used by female teachers.
    Female students are very likely to be assigned a female teacher, which in the beginning surely helps feeling much more comfortable in a country in which the relationship between male and female is very different from western countries, and it needs some time to be understood. However, I suggest changing to male teachers at some point, because it helps understanding a lot of cultural traits and linguistic traits too (for example, if you learn ammeya, males will come up with quite a few interesting slang expressions that are maybe too popular to be used by ladies). To be more comfortable, ladies tend to teach upstairs, which might make you feel a bit separated from the fellow students downstairs. However, there is no rule for class to be upstairs, it could be anywhere. Also, there is a small common room downstairs, in which you can chat with both students and teachers in Arabic. You’ll easily end up speaking Arabic even with your fellow citizens because everybody really tries to make you practice your Arabic language skills in any moment.
    If you have any suggestion, the center is very open to critics, suggestions and creativity. The secretary tries to organize trips every now and then, and does his best to make you more than happy. And even if he isn’t able to organize one because many people aren’t available, he’s likely to come and sit in a café with you. He also helps you with the housing research, they rely upon a broker who manages the flats in the area. I haven’t used the service personally, however the students who had, were living in places within 10 to 2 minutes walk from the center. But you need to consider that the broker will get his percentage from the deal. The secretary and teachers are also kindly available to help you with communication problems related to housing, transportation, or similar.
    About defects, I need to mention only to aspects: location and timing. The center is located in Nasr City, which is quite far from down town. If you’re a boy everything’s easy, you can easily ride any bus to ramses (shohada metro station). If you’re a girl you can ride a microbus to ramses, which is safe and rode by Egyptian girls..however, if you’re a bit of a coward one like me, you will end up having to ride a taxi to the first metro station, which on the long time might end up being a bit expensive. So if you want to find yourself in down town easily and you’re a girl, maybe you won’t be much happy about Nasr City. However, the two main big roads that surround the school (el tayaran road and abbas el aqad) are packed with shops, restaurants, big fruits markets, hospitals, pharmacies and everything. Also, it is located only a 10 minute taxi ride from City Stars, the biggest mall in Cairo, in which you can really find everything.
    About the other point, which is timing, I think it’s something you should just make peace with, by being in an Arabic country. Teachers mostly come to work on time (they get in troubles if they don’t), and if they happen to be late due to the terrible traffic of cairo, they’re likely to make up for the missed time at the end of the class, or at the following one. If they won’t, you can simply ask them to do it, or talk about it to the secretary. The thing that I didn’t like is the time lost for “administrative” interruptions…for example, every now and then the secretary would come to communicate them something, which took 5-10 minutes from the class…or sometimes their phone rang for important calls (however, it’s not a habit!!), which too toke time from your class…and of course the prayer interruptions toke time from your class. However, you’re expected to have a brake during your class, so you can take it during these moments…also, I enjoyed the prayer break first of all because it’s a cultural trait that I’ve been happy to witness, and secondly because it gave me time to refresh my mind, eat something or go to the toilet. Also, if you’re flexible to meet the teachers’ needs, they will be flexible to meet yours. Really, the relationship that you end up building up with your teacher is one of trust, so you can tell him/her freely if you don’t like something, or if you need something.
    What else can I say? I tried to describe everything in the center, but I don’t think I succeeded in transmitting to you how much I felt at home… all my teachers weren’t only teachers but also friends. In order to practice my speaking skills, we talked daily about my problems, happiness and sadness, and sometimes they shared their own because we created a day-by-day friendship, without boundaries of gender and age. I quickly felt the facility as my house too, especially because during some celebration gatherings we ended up cooking simple things in the kitchens and eating all together in classes or common spaces. For example, on my last day there I made Italian cappuccino for everybody. And during Ramadan we had some huge group-iftars offered by either teachers or students.
    If what you’re looking for is a friendly place with people who care about you as person, about quality of teaching and are willing to be flexible to meet your needs, I strongly suggest you to go to Sibawayh Center.

  9. Alayla

    Unfortunately I found this center to be a disappointment. I chose Sibewayh based on students who have studied here in the past (2008-2010). I was looking for a serious center with teachers who are dedicated in teaching and take pleasure in their work. I switched centers due to the following reasons:

    1. Both my teachers seemed uninterested in making sure that I was succeeding and seemed bored/tired of teaching.
    2. Teachers constantly reverted to english even though I asked them to speak in Arabic.
    3. Teachers constantly took breaks and prayer breaks are always a minimum 15-20 minutes it seemed (for Asr prayer!). If you sign up for 3 hours, expect 2 hours of actual teaching time.

    and my final reason, which is the most important

    4. Lack of thorough teaching. My teachers would zip through material and write quick notes on the board. But when I got home and sat to study with my other roomates (who studied at Durat Al Bayan)….their lessons were so much more comprehensive and detailed that I ended up learning more from their notes.

    YES, Sibewayh has a friendly atmosphere and everyone is really nice. But when it comes to actual LEARNING of the Arabic language…..serious students should not study here.

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