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Salams All

I have had the opportunity to study in a group class and also one-to-one. There are many difference and both have their pros and cons and so what I’ll do is list them for you.


One-to-One Classes


·         You are able to develop and learn at your own pace

·         All class time is focussed around you so your speaking will improve relatively better than group classes where the time is split

·         You aren’t held up by anyone else, which happens often in group classes

·         Your teacher can spot any weakness you have and concentrate on them


·         Usually more expensive

·         You won’t learn from others’ mistake

·         You won’t get a chance to practice with others in class

·         You can’t evaluate your learning in comparison to others


Group Classes


·         Usually cheaper

·         You can learn from others’ mistakes

·         You can interact and practice with others

·         Can take the spotlight off you for a while

·         Can see if you’re doing well comparatively or not

·         Learning atmosphere can be more fun with classmates


·         Others can hold you back. A lot of time will be spent listening to others read and speak to the teacher and generally if you’re not a strong speaker than you might feel intimated.

·         You won’t get that personal attention especially with your speaking and reading

·         The class might be going too fast for you and your missing things

·         The saving in cost can be outweighed by the loss of personal time with the teacher


From my experiences I didn’t enjoy group classes. Even though I got on really well with all my classmates, I felt i was being held back as a lot of time was wasted listening to others and i wasn’t able to develop my speaking. When I moved to one-to-classes the teacher noticed that I was struggling with my speaking and focussed on that a lot and I feel the benefits. This is just one account and I’m sure others have different conclusions than me.

Hope it helps

And Allah knows best


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