Can I use my debit card over there to withdraw money?


I feel that my safest option would not to bring cash and simply withdraw once I’m over there. Is this possible. Do they have a Lloyds TSB branch over there, and if not what happens if I lose my card!

Category: asked July 20, 2011

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1st even if you're taking cash, take your debit card in case of emergency.

If you used your debit card then your bank will usually charge you a fee e.g. Natwest charged me about £10 to take out £200. But it is definitely a safer option than bringing a lot of cash however i ran the risk and saved a lot of money by not withdrawing cash and alhamdulilah I was ok

Iv never seen a Lloyds or a Natwest branch there but I've seen HSBC and Citibank but you can use any banks machine.

And Allah Knows Best

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