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I have studied Arabic, Tajweed and Calligraphy at 3 different centers and then studied at home with a private teacher. I’ve made a list of what I think the pros and cons are of both sides but anyone can feel free to add to it.



·         You have properly structured course that has been tried and proven

·         The whole experience is more professional because if something happens with your teacher or you have a complaint there is a structure there so that you can talk to the manager

·         You meet lots of interesting people from different places and can practice your Arabic with them.

·         They have many different teachers so there is a possibility of changing teacher within the center

·         They can find students who are at the same level as you and group you together and you can save money by doing group classes

·         They have a proven curriculum as they bring the expertise of a number of different teachers together to establish the center in the first place and then have gradually improved it


·         You might end up paying more as sometimes there are extra ‘administration’ costs

·         The course might be too rigid for you and maybe you want to change the books you’re studying but you’re not allowed

·         Your teacher may be demotivated as they only received a small fraction of what you are paying the center. He may feel that it doesn’t really matter if you are satisfied as there will always be an influx of students enrolling at the center for him to teach

·         You’ll have to travel there and so home comforts aren’t available to you e.g. your center might not have air conditioned classrooms.

·         You may feel the center is slowing your progress because they want you to stay a longer period of time

·         If you sign up to a long course and want to leave part way through, your payment is not refundable or transferable usually




Private Tutor at home


·         The course is more flexible as the teacher doesn’t have the institutional pressure to stick to a particular curriculum

·         You can often find a very decently priced private teacher, much cheaper than a center

·         Most likely your teacher trained in one of the centers before teaching privately so he knows a good system of how to teach the different levels

·         You are in the comfort of your own home

·         Your teacher is more at ease because he is his own boss and wants to make a good impression as if you’re happy then you will recommend him to friends

·         You usually don’t pay private teachers more than a month in advance so if you need to leave before planned you won’t lose out

·         No administration costs


·         Most likely a private teacher can’t offer the services which centers can offer such as finding you accommodation, classmates if you want group classes, airport pickup etc

·         Your teacher could behave unprofessionally sometimes with regards to promptness and attendance as he has no manager to answer to

·         Being at home all day can quickly leading to feeling withdrawn from the outside world

·         You don’t get the opportunity to mingle with other foreign students and speak to them and interact

This is all I could think of, hope it helps

And Allah knows best


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