Where can I study in the West before going to Egypt?


I dont want to go to egypt as a novice, I want to do some studies before I leave my country to go egypt.

Category: asked July 26, 2011

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I read this from a blog, but check out this website's online courses and classes section under 'resources'.

Al Kauthar Institute holding classes in the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India and Malaysia.

Al Maghrib Institute holding classes in the UK, Canada and USA.

Islamic Online University offers 17 free online courses and is now offering a BAIS program.

Bayyinah Institute teaching Classical Arabic in person and online.

Shariah Program offering Classical Arabic programs online and in-person classes (Toronto).

Al Huda offering online classes (more options for sisters)

AIU (formerly American Open) offers online Islamic Studies classes in Bachelors, Masters' and Doctorate levels.

Your local masajid offer plenty of ways to learn and the plethora of books in a variety of languages allows for seeking knowledge anytime and anyplace. A suggestion for myself and others is to try and pursue program that offers seeking of knowledge in a planned and strategic method. Lectures here and there are great, and alhamdulilah beneficial, however progressive learning following the methodology of Islamic Sciences and building knowledge in a serious way will allow for greater benefit inshaAllah.

May Allah bless us all with knowledge of His diin.

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