Which books are best to study? Al-Kitab Al-Assasi/ Baynya dayk/ ibn Saud

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Salams All

I’ve studied bits of all 3 curriculums and although they all teach Arabic from beginners’ stages to advanced level, they all have their different methods, strengths and weaknesses.

Kitab-Al-Assasi is very good at beginning stages because it introduces the reader early on to a lot of useful verbs which are used in everyday situations followed by A LOT of exercises to drill in the information. It also covers basic Sarf (morphology) and Nahu (grammar) and has practice conversation scenarios and gives a lot of practises exercises with this too. I only studied the first book but from my friends that have studied the second part say it is quite exhaustive in some of its readings such as very long newspaper extracts which can be a bit hard to follow with uncommon vocabulary. You can buy these books in a number of places and most likely your Arabic center will have copies and if not local bookshops generally have a photocopy. They cost about 200LE (roughly £20) each for an original.

Arabia Baynya Dayk is a really interesting book to study, especially if you’re looking for a more religious angle to your learning i.e. it will bring in Quran verses and Hadith into discussions.  It covers a lot of the same stuff as Kitab Al Assasi however misses out a few of the essential basic verbs.  I studied the first and second book in this series and the topics gradually move from being simple conversations to pieces on current issues and topics such as health and religion and environment. To my knowledge you can only buy an original copy of these books from Al- Fajr Center so you’ll have to pop down there (near the 2nd towheed ul noor on Mustafa An-Nahas Street) and it’ll cost you 120 Egyptian pounds (roughly £120). But be warned sometimes Al-Fajr won’t sell the books to you if they know you’re not studying there so you might have to get a photocopy made, so ask your teacher where to get a photocopy. You can have a browse and download all of them and the CDs from http://www.kalamullah.com/learning-arabic.html.

Ibn Saud- I studied Sarf (morphology) and Balagha from the ibn Saud series and I found it a bit bland however all the information you need is there. I cant really say much more. You can’t actually buy original copies of ibn Saud books from Egypt, I don’t know why, so you’ll have to ask someone to get you a photocopy which some little bookshops will do or ask your teacher to get you a photocopy of it or you can find them here on this link I found on this website http://islamicstudies.islammessage.com/Default.aspx and here http://www.kalamullah.com/learning-arabic.html

That’s all the knowledge I have and Allah knows best

I studied both kitaab bayna yadayk book 2 and Kitaab al-esaasi book 2. From my experiences, both books are very different. Kitaab esaasi focuses on teaching the arabic language using very complex topics and situations, for example it has chapters on arab satellite (the physical satellite which orbits in space) and other topics which are not realkly used in everyday life. It is, however very good if you want to focus on grammar, it also has a more liberal approach

Kitaab bayna yadayk is more suitable if you want to learn the arabic language for religious purposes, and at the same time it contains day to day topics which teach you about everyday situations.

In summary, if you really want to be an expert in the language and are at a more advanced level, and maybe in the future want to write poems or do any sort of written work in an official capacity in the arabic language than kitaab esaasi is the one.

If however, you want to grasp the language to a level that will help you in conversing and understanding the quran and hadith better then bayna yadayk is the book.

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