Online Classes

Many of you are dreaming of studying abroad but due to many reasons you might have to wait a while. Don’t hesitate, start today! We’ve found the best online classes which allow you to learn with a qualified teacher online at your own pace, in your own time.

Most Arabic centers have their own online courses so I would recommend checking through the list of centers as well as having a look our list of websites that specialise in online classes.


Glovico offers real-time language courses with native teachers. The only difference compared to a “real” classroom is that you and your teacher won’t be at the same place: you might be sitting on your couch at home while your teacher will be working from his office in Guatemala or Senegal. Different from group courses your teacher’s attention will be focussed only on you – allowing you to reach much better learning results. You will be able to see your teacher via webcam and communicate with him via a headset.

One to One online classes

Includes courses for those seeking a good level of Quranic Arabic and understanding Islam. The Quranic Arabic course is based on the popular Bayna Yadayk series of books which covers hundreds of topic areas and scenario based discussions including considerable vocabulary. Teaching is one-to-one with a native Arabic speaker via Skype which allows you to comfortably practice your oral skills during each lesson. A lot of emphasis is also given on grammar.

Arab Academy

Universities around the world send their students to study at the Arab Academy to allow them to live the Arabic language, however Arab Academy has an impressive concentration on allowing students who aren’t able to make the trip to Egypt the chance to study with their teachers via Skype, from the comfort of their own homes.

Sunnipath courses in Arabic: from beginners to advanced

This website has many courses in Arabic from the very beginners’ level to advanced. Designed to take you from no knowledge of Arabic to a high level of proficiency. Students are taught to understand basic sentence structure, simple word constructions, pronouns and verb conjugations. The course consists of pre-recorded lecture sessions and live hands-on tutorials twice a week. Online tools are used to help you practice in forming sentences.


This website will allow you to start your Arabic learning online via Skype with Native Arab Teachers and then there’s the choice of taking an intensive course in their Cairo teaching center which will help you reach the next level with regards to your Arabic learning.

Choose your own online teacher

A great way to be taught by credible, native Arabic teachers. Lessons are though Skype or Yahoo and every student must be equipped with a microphone and camera. You have a choice of teachers, and although there is no set curriculum, the students and teachers are given the opportunity to use any suitable methods they prefer. Payment is made by charging your account with credit using the known payment methods of Visa, Amex etc.

2 Year Online Program

A website designed to equip students with a strong grounding in Classical Arabic. A 2-year part-time online course, aimed at providing a structured route to attaining a high degree of proficiency in the language. Within the two years, students cover texts in morphology, syntax, literature and rhetoric. A well-organised and structured approach for those looking for part-time study.


Arabicollege is the ONLY provider of online Arabic language courses 24 hours a day, every hour, on the hour- whenever a student chooses. With over 80 years of teaching experience, we can give you a custom designed class with live teachers, on an easy to use website. A free trial is available.

Arabicsons: Self-study & Online classes

As well as self-study material this website offers the chance to joing the ArabicSons Language school where after an online test you will be placed in an appropriate level and can take your Arabic to the next level.

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