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It’s advised to start your Arabic learning before you make your trip to Egypt as the basics can be easily be learnt using one of the fantastic websites we’ve found for you. Some introduce you to words and phrases while others can take you from beginner level straight to advanced; meaning that when you go to Egypt you can really develop your Arabic towards fluency and really live the language.

Arabic Study Circle

A colourful active website ideal for self-study. It provides a course consisting of 3 levels taking the student from the beginners’ level to the advanced level. The course helps you in translating the verses of the Quran using models of short surahs. In addition, it focuses on the Arabic grammatical rules. Each level is split into several classes and students work through each class, with the opportunity for quizzes to test yourself.

Free Arabic language course

Linked to this website focuses on providing free notes for self-study. The Arabic language course, consisting of a110 lessons, is very well structured and covers a great deal of grammar from beginners to more advanced levels. At the time of this guide, lessons 1-34 had been completed, the rest are to follow soon insha’Allah. There is also a flashcard game available to improve your vocabulary with input sounds and images.

Islamic Online University Courses

This course is designed to help those wanting to focus on reading and writing Arabic alone. All lessons are pre-recorded and you simply study at your convenience and at your own pace. There are quizzes you must pass to proceed to the next level; the pass mark being 80%. Successful candidates will receive a certificate – by email, signed by Dr Bilal Philips.

Fundamentals of classical arabic

A course based on a series of books that expands on the subject of Arabic verb conjugation and grammar. There are 16 lessons in this course which covers one of the books in the series. This book sheds light on Arabic word patterns, and the essentials of common verb and noun forms. Along with the lesson notes, there are accompanying audio files for download.

Learn From the Best

A teaching blog by the great sheikh of the Arabic language, Dr Abdur Rahim – the author of the world renowned Madinah Book series. He is teaching students through 5 different programs; lessons in the Quran, Hadith, Arabic poetry, Arabic grammar and Arabic language. Each lesson from each course offers an in-depth look on a certain subject, and the lesson notes are very good in their explanation. You are able to post questions and the sheikh responds!

Learn Arabic from Madinah University Students

A blog created by students of the University of Madinah. The site is still developing, but there are some videos covering basic Arabic grammar. Explained in a simple manner, the videos may be useful for the real beginners. The book, Al-Qiraa, which is taught to students at the university, can be downloaded – You must be able to read basic Arabic for this book.

Simple Vocabulary and Rules

A simple website that helps beginners with some basic vocabulary and grammar rules. The vocabulary section is further divided into subsections, including family, animals, days of the week, colours etc. The grammar section is well explained with plentiful examples to demonstrate the authors point.

ArabicSons: Self study & Online classes

Free Learning Arabic; you will find that it is composed of: a main text, expressive situations that the student uses in his life, vocabulary to fix the information to the student’s mind, listening and grammar. Each of these departments contains specified exercises with expressive pictures and various clear sounds to make the student used to different sounds.

Looklex Arabic lessons

This website teaches you basic sentences, how to write, how to count and introduces Arabic grammar. All with sounds! This course will teach you about 400 of the most common words in Arabic it is totally free.

Vocabulary Learning

A great way to learn Arabic vocabulary. A vast number of words are present, including nouns, verbs, numbers, family etc. With the chance of hearing each word, it’s a great way to practice while listening, to make sure you say the words correctly.

Making Sentences

Making Sentences 2

Learn how to construct sentences. Simple sentences are shown with their translation, an audio clip and in Roman English. Exercises are available for every level.


A great source to download many series of books, the most prominent being the Ibn Saud books. All levels, from 1 to 4, are downloadable and available on .pdf format.

Learning Arabic for Urdu Speakers

A website designed for Urdu-speaking students who are looking to learn Arabic. The book ‘Subulassalam’ is available to download and covers Arabic grammar with all the explanations in Urdu.

Dalilusa Arabic Courses Online

A website that uses notes and pre-recorded audios to help you with your learning. There are free course samples and other useful features such as a glossary of Arabic grammar terms and the chance to listen to Arab Radio.

Arabic Language Downloads

A good site to find many downloadables including Arabic writing practice , learning to read Arabic and Arabic verb conjugation charts.

Access to Qur’aanic Arabic

Lessons are made available for extreme beginners to advance students. Lessons are explained well with the examples from the Qur’aan. Other resources (videos & presentations) will also be available whereever necessary.

Arabic Studio

Haven’t gotten the alphabet down yet? Videos at iArabic are mainly meant for those who already know how to READ Arabic but cannot understand it or need help understanding certain grammatical concepts. The links above provides free information and lessons for learning the alphabet from scratch as well as paid registration to part-time Arabic learning courses.

Bayyinah eLearning

Bayyinah is a modern institute that holds seminars in the Arabic language and Quran throughout the US. They started their 10-month DREAM project in Dallas, Texas last year. I know a few friends who went and said it was quite beneficial! This link will take you to the eLearning part of the website. I personally recommend Nouman Ali Khan’s tafsir podcasts.

Hidayatun Nahw

This is an innovative site that has ‘digitized’ hidayatun-nahw, a classical text of Arabic grammar studied in South Asia. I’ve studied it myself as well, and a lot of what is covered in iArabic will come from this text and others like it.

Acon Verb Conjugator

This is a ‘verb conjugation tool’ that will come in handy once we do!

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