Quranic Arabic

Many of us study Arabic as a means to get closer to Allah. If this is true for you then the goal of your Arabic learning lies with understanding the Glorious Quran. The Quran is the highest form of Arabic you will ever find and so to really get to grasps with it you’ll need to achieve a high level of Arabic. However right from the beginning you will need to get familiar with the Quran by listening to it and reciting its words even if you don’t understand its meaning completely.

We’ve compiled a list of the best websites to help you become a companion of the Quran and develop your Arabic with respect to understanding this linguistic miracle.

The Inimitable Qur’an

Before you start delving into your Quranic studies or if your still not 100% certain that the Quran is definitely the word of God then this site is for you.

Tanzil: Quran recitation and translation

This website is the ultimate resource to help you train your ears to listen to Quran in all its beauty. There are more than 20 of the world’s best recitors as well as some of the most common translations in English alongside the Quranic text.

Learning Quran with Online Teachers

A website designed to help those seeking to improve their Quran reading skills. Many courses are offered from practicing tajweed to Quran memorisation. Lessons are via Skype, and you will need a DSL/Cable internet connection and a headset. There is an option for a two-day trial with a teacher to see if the program suits you. All instructors are qualified huffaaz (memorised the whole Quran)

Begin to Understand and Learn Quran- the easy way!

An interesting website helping those wanting to learn Quranic Arabic. Many courses are available depending on how much effort you can put in. There are .pdf files for you to print out and a video lesson you can follow.

Frequent words used in the Quran

A blog focused on ways to improve Quranic Arabic by helping users try and memorise frequent words mentioned in the Quran. Based on the 80% Quranic wordlist found in the UnderstandQuran.com website. A useful tool helps you test yourself on the meanings of verbs. Furthermore, the tool shows examples of each word in the Quran with audio. Highly recommended!

Quranic Language Resource for Intermediate to Advanced students

An annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Quran. For those who have reached an advanced level in Arabic this is the next level of your Arabic learning experience where you combine Arabic language directly with the Quran.

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