Private Teachers

Name:   Muhammad Mekki
Telephone Number:  0107826756
Skype Address:  aboushms
Age:  32
Sex:   Male
Qualifications: The College of Da’wah at Al Azhar University.

Experience: In 2004 I qualified from the College of Da’wah at Al Azhar University after 5 years of studies. From then on I have taught over 300 foreign students.
I have worked in many Arabic language centres.
I now work as a private tutor.
time there: Over 5 years teaching experience.
Teaching Area: All areas of Cairo, Egypt

Other Relevant Information:

I specialise in the Arabic Language for all levels. In addition to giving lessons in reading and memorisation of The Holy Quran
other relevant information: The books I use for teaching Arabic:
‘Arabiya Bayna Yadayk’,
‘Kitab Al Asaasy’,
‘Silsilit ibn Sauood’,
‘Kitab Al Madina’,
‘Nahu Al Wadhi’,

I have also taught Arabic to the founder of this website.

Name: Nadia Hassan
Telephone Number: 0114227212
Skype Address: hamada.azzam1
Sex: female
Qualifications: Ain Shams University, Department of Arabic Language

Experience: 4 years
Teaching Area: Online via skype
Other Relevant Information:


Name: Mohammad Abdel Aziz
Telephone Number: 00201521814691
Skype Address: arabicway2
Age: 37
Sex: male
1-I have been qualified and certified in the field of Arabic language from the faculty of arts in Cairo University (in 1997).
2-General diploma in how to teach and foreign students to learn with ease. (in 2000)
3-General diploma in Islamic sciences .
4-I have studied in an institute of preparing islamic inviters.

Courses I have taken in Arabic language:
– I have taken courses of how to teach the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers.
educational courses:
– A course in how to deal with students in the primary cycle (according to their age characteristics).
– A course in how to deal with students in the preparatory cycle (according to their age characteristics).
– A course in the characteristics of teenagers and how to deal with them.
– A course in how to teach the syllabi of Arabic language to use different and Appropriate methods to teach..
– A course in how to teach the syllabi of Islamic religion to use different and Appropriate methods to teach..
– The aims of teaching the syllabi of Islamic religion.
– the educational evaluation.
– the educational following
– I have also taken a course which has given me the correct experience to deal with students that are good and those students that need attention, by giving praise when appropriate(feedback)

– I have gained experience from teaching Arabic to non Arabic speakers at the following centres in Cairo:
1-“The Nile Centre” – (three year).
2- “Iqra Center” – (five years).
3-“Alim Center” – (two years).
4-“arabicwaycenter” (two years).
5-I teach private classes to students.
6- and I teach online classes by skype.
Time there:
1-“The Nile Centre” – (three year).
2-“I qra Center” – (five years).
3-“Alim Center” – (two years).
Teaching area: Cairo , Nasr city , and also I teach students online by Skype.
other relevant information:
– I am qualified in teaching the language of Arabic and also teaching how to read the Holy Quran with tajweed (correct pronunciation and reading).
– I can also teach Islamic sciences i.e. fiqh (Islamic laws), Seerah (stories and biographies’ the prophet and his companions in Islam), Hadeeth (Sayings of the prophet and his companions ), Akeida (believing in the God) and Tafseer (explaining the Holy Quran ).
– I have taught many learners from many countries i.e. France, Britain, Sweden, Norway , Germany, Turkey, America, Mexico, Trendad and tabago, Tajakhistan. Uzbekistan, khazahistan, Nigeria, Senegal , Congo, Somalia, South African and many other European countries and also learners from different other continents.
– I have prepared syllabus for teaching Arabic Grammar for non – Arabic speakers.
– I have also prepared syllabus for teaching Arabic for businesses for non – Arabic speakers ( businessmen ).
– I have prepared ,in a group (with different teachers), syllabus to teach Arabic language for non-Arabic speaks.
– I have experience in compiling Islamic software about the Islamic sciences for example: fiqh (Islamic laws), Hadeeth (Sayings of the prophet and his companions ), Seerah (stories and biographies the prophet and his companions in Islam), Akeida (believing in the God) and Tafseer (explaining the Holy Quran ).
– I have skills and experience in reviewing and correcting many Authentic Arabic and Islamic books .
– I have reviewed works that have been translated from English into Arabic and applied the appropriate Grammatical corrections

Name: Hamada Hussein Aly Ahmed

Telephone number: 011-3432431
02 -23411518

Skype address: hamada.azzam1

Age: 26
Sex: Male

Qualifications: BA of Arts and Education with grade :Good
Arabic Language Dept Faculty of Arts and Education – Helwan University

Diploma in Teaching Arabic Language for Non Arab People (Teaching Arabic as foreign Language)

Cairo University Grade: Very Good.

– English course (Online and Self Study)
– Human development course { self management , Leadership , communication skills and Team work management}

Experience: Currently I am teaching private classes
August 2008 till now Instructor at Al Diwan Center For teaching Arabic as a foreign Language.
August 2006 till July 2008 Instructor at Al Furqan Center for teaching Arabic as foreign Language.

Teaching area: All areas, Cairo and via Skype
Other relevant information

Tasks & Responsibilities while teaching include
– Teaching Students (Orally and Written)
– Supervising Students Daily activities
– Recording Voice lessons on CDs for Students
– Develop and Improve new manuals for students
– Preparing Tests for students
– Creativity in new teaching methods

I also teach tafseer and other islamic books including Riyaad-us-Saliheen and have taught these to the founder of this website.


Name:  Ayman Abd alrahman
Telephone number: 0141240600
Skype address: mr.ayman16
Age:    29
Sex:   Male
Qualifications: – Faculty of Arabic language- Al-Azhar University
– General diploma in preparation of teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers
– Special Diploma in preparing the teacher of Arabic to non-native speakers
– Preparatory course in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers-French Consul in Cairo
Experience: Teacher in :
1- Al Andalus Center.
2- Al-Daad center .
3- Aleem center .
4- Alhayah center .

Time there: 2005 – 2011
Teaching area: Nasr city – Al-rehab – New Cairo
Other Relevant Information: Online teaching available

name: Hany Saber
telephone number: +201118685807
Skype address: hanyarabic
age: 24
sex: Male
Qualifications: 2010 Cairo University.
Giza, Egypt.
Faculty of Dar El Oloom , (Arabic Language & Islamic Studies).

Experience: I’m working now as an Arabic teacher online for Madinah Website, It’s a British
I’m working now as an Arabic teacher online with WizIQ Website and this is my profile
I am working now as an Arabic teacher for Egypt Arabic Center in Cairo.
I worked for Eqraa Center
(Teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers) from Jul.2010 till Apr.2011.

time there: 2 Years ago
Teaching area: Egypt,on-line
other relevant information: Pursuing a position in a leading education foundation for non- Arabic speakers, where I can utilize my Personal and academic qualifications, and contribute to the foundation’s Success as well as my professional development.

name: islam nabil
telephone number: +001142060910
Skype address: smsm_cu
age: 28
sex: male
Qualifications: I have obtained a Bachelor in education and I have authority in hafs, shabah , kanoon and warsh.
Experience: I have a 4 year of teaching experience in teaching the Quran .
time there: 4 years
Teaching area: Cairo
other relevant information: nothing else

name: muhmoud makki mumoud
telephone number: 01226981278
Skype address: mahmoud.maki2
age: 36
sex: male
Qualifications: bachelor of arts in Islamic studies and Arabic (al-azhar university)and the institute of readings al-azhar al-sharif
Experience: 10 years tears teaching experience and teaching Arabic speakers and the first to specialise in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers in southern Egypt.
time there: 10
Teaching area: Luxor City / Aswaan/ Red Sea
other relevant information: For those who want a different Arabic learning experience than simply studying in Cairo.

name: Amina Moftah
telephone number: 01270365218
Skype address: mahmoud.maki2
age: 27
sex: Female
Qualifications: Qualified South Valley University Bachelor of Arts and Education Division of the Arabic language to appreciate the privilege of winning with honors and certified to the high readings from the Institute of Al-Azhar University and graduate study at the University of South Valley in Arabic
Experience: Ongoing study of experiences with me years ago from Bayn yadayk and Arabic basic book for the Arabic language and the written explanation and belief and the provisions of the Holy Qur’an and Tajweed
time there: 4 years
Teaching area: Hurghada Luxor Marsa Alam and Aswan
other relevant information: التدريس مباشرة عن طريق اسكاى بى وايضا مباشرة فى السكن فى المدن المزكورة للطالبات وايضا منهج نور البيان وتعلم الفصحى للغة العربية

name: Ahmad Abdulghany
telephone number: +201229758843
Skype address: ahmad.abdulghany
age: 28
sex: Male
2012 – 2014
Cairo University
A postgraduate Diploma in Arabic Linguistic Studies, Dar al-Ulum College.

June 2012
Cairo University
A bachelor of Arabic language and literature & Islamic studies from the Dar al-Ulum College.
Overall grade: Good.

May 2005
Helwan University
A bachelor of tourist guidance from the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels.
Overall grade: Very Good.

– Apr. 2012
Dar al-Ulum College – Cairo Uni.
Arabic proofreading skills.

– Jan. 2012
Dar al-Ulum College – Cairo Uni.
Skills of teaching Arabic Language.

– August 2011
Smart Academy
Spanish Conversation – Elementary Level.

July 2012 – December 2012 (6 months) ~ Drayah Language Center

Teaching Arabic as a foreign language, both:
– (MSA) Modern Standard Arabic “Al Fus.ha”.
– (ECA) Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. “Al ‘ammyiah”;
for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Instructor of Arabic as a foreign language.

September 2011 – May 2012 (9 months)
Freelancer Instructor of Arabic as a foreign language.

Teaching (MSA) Modern Standard Arabic “Al Fus.ha” for non-native speaker.
time there: One year and a half
Teaching area: Great Cairo, Egypt
other relevant information: LANGUAGES
Native Speaker.
Limited working proficiency
Elementary proficiency

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo
July 2003 – September 2003 (3 months)Arts and Culture
A voluntary activity was consisted of preparing data about antiquities, which date back to the Late Period, to be used as labels.
Volunteer Tour Guide
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo
July 2002 – September 2002 (3 months)Arts and Culture
A volunteer Tour Guide at “Friends of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Association”

Duties were:
Meet members of a tour on arrival and make introductions.
Lead tour groups, describe and explain points of interest and to answer visitors’ questions.
Volunteer Tutor
Nour Al Bayan Charity
December 2010 – March 2011 (4 months)Education
Tutoring a group of elementary students; Arabic language and ‘Tajweed”; rules of reciting Qur’aan.

name: farah elmasry ahmed
telephone number: 00201110681374
Skype address: maioda_dodo
age: 27
sex: Female
Qualifications: Masters degree in curricullums and teaching methods of arabic language and islamic studies
Experience: i worked in 3 institutes in egypt fajr-durrat albayan and alcahera .after that i worked in the onlne department.
Worked online in Sebaweh center
time there: 4.5 years
Teaching area: cairo-egypt now iam in riadh and iam teaching online
other relevant information: i have alot of qualifications in arabic like correcting linguistic and babteen etc

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